I’ll Eat When I’m Dead

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I was chomping at the bit to read this book. I first requested it on NetGalley.com (denied) and after I read the preview in People magazine, I foamed at the mouth to grab a copy.

I’m glad I bought it used.

I’ll take blame for it, but not all of it. I thought it was going to be a mix of “The Devil Wears Prada” and “The Knockoff” meets a beauty based murder. Kinda..Sorta..Not really. I had kind of forgotten it was a murder mustery. By the time I got to the climactic end, I really didn’t care/understand how it all tied to a clue in the beginning and my head hurt.

What I loved: I love that there is starting to be a conscious within the fashion world - sustainability, employing models of all sizes, beauty bloggers being feet on the street and not just the elite… Is that from the book? Not really but the general elements are.

What I didn’t love: I had no idea that the fashion industry was the #2 polluter in the world. While I am no fashionista (far, far, far from it unless you count the Victoria Beckham I picked up at Tar-shay) I also had no clue that clothes were ruining the world. Not like I’m going to just wear cloth sacks, hemp, and Birkenstocks (maybe the Birks – my pair from college are just starting to be broken in). After I got over my guilt from not running around naked, I also wished I would have more with the other ladies in the office (Molly, Constance, even Bess) since I did not really care for Cat as a leading lady.

What I learned: I prefer Good Housekeeping to Vogue.

Overall Grade: B-

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