Fitness Junkie

Available: July 11, 2017

Isn’t it funny when you read back to back books that are unintentionally similar? I had just finished “I’ll Eat When I’m Dead” thinking it would be like “The Knockoff” (written by these same authors) and it has a similar subplot to “Fitness Junkies”. Weird. I didn’t know speed was making a comeback.

So – this is pure Fitness Fluff! The plot is pretty fluffy – wouldn’t it be nice to have enough money to be able not to work the daily grind for three months and still be able to blow $15,000 on a mini vacation. The mash-up of fitness classes is very inventive – I’m sure we’ll be seeing some sort of versions of them all soon sweeping the nation. In fact, I hear there’s a new trend in NYC where workouts are based on prison life. As for me, I’ll stick with walking.

What I Loved: I’m glad that Jayne finally opened her eyes to see exactly who Beau was and how she was able to extract her revenge. And that she embraced her body size and type while doing it made it all sweeter.

What I Didn’t Love: I would have liked more of the relationship with Beau or even her ex-hubs, Matthew, to gain insight as to how Jayne acted in her personal relationships. Maybe a little more detail on how she extracted her plans with her mole inside B would have been appreciated. The ending kinds of wraps itself up in a neat little package all on its own.

What I Learned: I’m checking the ingredient labels much closer now.

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