Slightly South of Simple

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So I immediately assume this is going to be 4 book series (a quadilogy?) – 4 women, 4 directions, 4 not even close to finished stories but watch me be wrong. Even though that’s a rare occurrance, I could see this being a trilogy with each daughter being the main focus of a story and the mom guest starring in all three books. I really hope not – that’s predictable and these books deserve better. I ‘m hoping for some stories where each sister embraces their individuality yet bonds and understands their mother’s actions.

What I loved: Right off the bat it tackles some tough issues – cheating, 9/11, fertility, plus the really important things like having your ex appear on a bravo-esque reality TV show. Seriously – the perfect amount of fluff along with the hard stuff!

What I didn’t love: So the first book seemed to be all about Caroline, but it interspaced with chapters from the mom, Ansley. There was no clear direction as to how either woman’story was going to come clear as the spotlight stop shinning down on her. So does that mean for the next few books Caroline’s decisions are afterthoughts?

What I learned: I need to investigate this 5 point pie – and perhaps get a recipe in future books?

Overall Grade: B+

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