The Sweet Smell of Magnolias & Memories

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I’m just not 100% sold on this one…. For someone who endured such a horrible event and accident I would think they would be a little more hesitant, damaged, scared and not so “normal”. Granted, it’s a year later but I think the journey from the accident and Jacey’s recovery would have been a better story than her whining about her love life for most of this tale.

What I Loved: Georgia is the best character in the book. With her jaded take on love and sarcastic tongue – she’s a true Southern Bell who can hold her own with anyone. I would have preferred to read about her history than Jacey’s. Georgia made mistakes, had her heart smashed, and still saved lives. What’s not to love in a character like that?

What I Didn’t Love: Jacey constantly sets herself up to be a victim. If you have deadly food allergies you don’t just eat something without finding out what’s in it and you carry an Epi-Pen. Its not rocket science. Not once in the novel does Jacey do anything to earn a living – money seems to grow on trees for her. Maybe she has a special Magnolia Money tree in her backyard? She’s just so passive about a lot of things in her life and is not the strongest heroine.

What I learned: Magnolia trees are like a lot of Southern women – strong and beautifully scented.

Overall Grade: B-

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