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Meg Pepper is a martyr. She is trying to be everything to everyone at all times. She fails miserably. Meg is any one and every women today trying to balance a family, home, and a career. I completely relate to her – well except for the whole flirting with another person’s husband thing.

What I loved: A few years ago, close friends went through a tragedy where their son woke up paralyzed from the waist down. The modifications they needed to make, the issues Jack went through, the feelings and emotions of the family – they were each so realistic, brutally honest, and true.

What I didn’t love: I think Meg is holding on to guilt and grief based on two accidents in her life that make her deem herself as unworthy and unlovable. She feels she is the sole responsible party for their accidents when she is not. There is such a thing as free will..Maybe Jack should have paused after clearing her car and seeing if the other have of the street was clear instead of bounding out. He obviously had never played Frogger before.

What I learned: Alertness at all times, everywhere.

Overall Grade: B

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