Available: November 14, 2017

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I was drawn to this book because I am a sucker for Southern novels. While I was expecting some cattiness and “Bless Your Hearts” while Lovey made it back to life in Oxford, MS her journey was deeper than that and she is forced to question everything about her life. In fact – there were a few passages where my eyes glazed over (any time she was in Sedona with Marian or about William Faulkner) and I was tempted to put the book aside. While there is no fluffiness in this book, I’m glad I stuck it out. Through tears, sniffles and at least eye roll I may have not gotten the book I wanted, but I read the book I needed.

What I loved: While touted in the Christianity genre book – it wasn’t preachy. God’s message was subtle – Lovey being the Prodigal Son, tales of Judas, and how in order to have good, there must be evil. The messages were not of one particular form of religion, but rather basic tenets of life to inspire the reader to want to go out into the world and make a positive mark – no matter how big or small.

What I didn’t love: Even at the end, I still couldn’t stand Bitsy as a character. While some may think her breakdown at the end of the book signified her growth of a character and coming to terms with her emotions and situations; I only saw a jealous, spiteful bee-yatch who only cared about her outward appearances to everyone, keeping a fake perfect life, and never apologizing for her hurtful actions.

What I Learned: To be a flower.

Overall Grade: B

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