The Good Widow

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OMG! This book is such a departure from their traditional fluff but it is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO good! Part of my wanted to finish it in one sitting and the other half kept putting it down since I didn’t want it to end. For a while its heartbreak fluff, but then it takes this suspense turn and the climax is out of this world.

What I loved: Not only is it based in the OC but they use real places – Splashes, Hoag Hospital, references to the nasty traffic on the 5 – that makes it an automatic winner for me. The plot twist is pretty darn good – then it triggers your memory and you’ll be like “Hell No!”.

What I didn’t love: I’ve been down here for 20 years and the nearest bus stop to my house is about 3 miles. Unfortunately, the bus system here blows so I’m not loving Jacks taking the bus places as a part of the plot. Rents are also absolutely overpriced – does Dylan have just the 1 roommate that is mentioned on a waitress’ income? When a 2 bedroom unit is well over $2K a month around Irvine – I seriously doubt it.

What I learned: Some times you’re better off not knowing.

Overall Grade: A-

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