It Happens in the Hamptons

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I was expecting a light, beachy summertime fluff-fest about a West Coast girl trying to make her way in The Hamptons. Of course she'd find love and have some great sex, but eventually would fall for the local boy.

I was wrong.

This book was The old money rich were creepy, the new money rich were flashy, and the locals didn't seem to do much. Characters that could have been campy and stereo-typical were relegated to barely there supporting roles and even the main characters were a mystery at the end. What a disappointment.

What I loved: Does that I finished it count?

What I didn't love: What was with the creepy turn at the end? It made no sense and everything was glossed over when you fast forwarded a few months like any good WASP family.

What I learned: Give me a summer book about Nantucket.

Overall Grade: C-

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