The Forever 39ers

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Thank you to for the opportunity to read an Advanced Reader Copy of this book in exchange for my honest opinion.

Menopausal Fluff! What an amazing premise of a group of friends staying at 31 and holding. I can definitely relate as my pals and I celebrate the anniversary of our 21st birthday. I wish I would have realized that the book was already published back in 2015 prior to reading it. I was getting so annoyed over the surgical vaginal rejuvenation passage - Who does that anymore when there are amazing lasers and other devices that can tighten that up while being minimally evasive. Have you not watched an episode of the Real Housewives of Anywhere in America within the past 2 years? Bravo on Demand – look into it. Seriously – the BTL Ultra Femme can do what needs to be done down there in 8 minutes.. 8 minutes - Faster than microwaving a baked potato.

What I loved: The genuine love between these women is so obvious and their friendship was so honest and pure. Jill seemed to speak more to her best friends than to her own husband and family. To have friendships in this day and age that have stood the test of time from elementary and middle school is pretty amazing. While I’m guessing this is 99.99% semi autobiographical, kudos to the group for sticking together for so long.

What I didn’t love: Jill’s voice in my head sounded like a nasally, Jersey Shore type (think Janice from Friends) – I would have loved each one of the friends to take a turn as the voice of a chapter just to break up the constant stream of Jill. This wasn’t a story, but more of a running monologue of Jill’s thoughts and a rundown of what she did that day. All of the events that they were supposed to happen and help each other through were primarily no more than a discussion over a cup of coffee – major letdown. And for Pete’s sake - PLEASE LAY OFF THE EXCLAMATION POINTS, ITALICS AND AIR QUOTES???? A person can only be excited so much…

What I learned: I’m not ready for menopause..

Overall Grade: B-

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