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Boo! Hiss!! to the editors and publishers who say the world doesn’t need another Jen Lancaster memoir book! Did the world NEED as many witty offerings by Dave Barry or yet ANOTHER Far Side Gallery? I think not. Does this girl NEED another Jen Lancaster memoir? Heck yes – my Mother’s Day 2017 was for crap since I wasn’t getting my hands on her latest so I could laugh at someone else’s family for a change. As I look at my bookshelves – the only books I actually keep belong to Jen Lancaster (relax – everything else is donated to my local library). The only books I re-read (with the exception of The Phantom Tollbooth)? Jen Lancaster. The only author I follow on Social Media and pray comes to the West Coast every book tour? Yep – you catch on fast. Just like those who must read everything James Patterson or Danielle Steel does(n’t) write, I am a Jen Lancaster devotee. Am I completely disappointed that her publishing imprint only now sees her as the sarcastic voice of YA novels? Well yes – I HATE Y.A. but you know darn well I’ve pre-ordered The Gatekeepers because its Jen.

What I loved: The Italics instead of the footnotes – stellar! While this is the first time I’ve read Jen as an e-book (must still purchase physical copy so I can take with my other 6 she hasn’t autographed yet!), I had heard that this format wasn’t kind to footnotes. As I do admit, even when reading the physical text I don’t always see the superscript (subscript? Its been too long since college) or I read them first because I’m worried that I’m going to forget about them, blah blah blah. Anyways – the italics work. All of the essays were pretty terrific as well – Pooleyball was a favorite – I’m thinking we will be adopting it for our pool next year. This collection is Vintage Jen with Current Jen and its pretty awesome (and the Bonus Content kicks ass – Will use my next birthday wish to pray for it to come to life!).

What I didn’t love: So I was a little disappointed about the Lily Pulitzer and dieting essays. Not because of how they were written, or subject matter, or they weren’t funny. I had just already heard these stories because I follow Jen Lancaster on Facebook.

What I learned: She’s still got it.

Overall Grade: A-

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