Left to Chance

Available: November 21, 2017

Thank you to NetGalley.com for this ARC copy in exchange for my honest review.

I have adored Amy Sue Nathan’s past books, but this one….is just okay. Once I realized Teddi was girl a lot more things made sense but the book was more all in Teddi’s head as opposed to things actually occurring in either the past or present. I didn’t even know there was a possibility about romance and love until almost the last chapter of the book and even then I thought the love interest was someone else; it was that disjointed.

What I loved: Having just lost my Jewish mother in law a few months ago, it was touching to read about the Jewish traditions regarding headstones, flowers, and the beautiful phrase that is associated with the grave site. Perhaps some more flashbacks of Teddi actually having those stone experiences instead of just briefly mentioning them would have enhanced the book even more.

What I didn’t love: The passive voice of the entire story was a good start but the story mood didn’t change once Teddi began living life again and was accepted back into the fold in Chance. There was so much potential for an amazing story of a woman grieving over the loss of her best friend but it just wasn’t there.

What I learned: No one reads the books at book club.

Overall Grade: C+

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