The Garden of Small Beginnings

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So, I picked this up on a whim at Target while mindlessly strolling up and down the aisles, avoiding going home (don’t judge). Within the first chapter I was heading to Amazon to see if there were any more books by her (April 2018!!)- Love, love, love this book. From the snarky directions on how to plant vegetables to the friendships that came about through talking behind someone’s back – this is it! THIS IS THE BOOK I WAS WAITING TO READ ALL SUMMER!

What I loved: Not only am I now inspired to turn my drought ruined So Cal lawn into a vegetable garden (I said inspired – I’m too lazy to actually do it) but I am craving a sister (at age 45 it may be a little too late for me). I want to read more about Lili and Rachel (she needs her own spin off) and Maggie and Angie, and well everyone. The characters in this book are like the spokes of the wheel – they can all have their own story and it could tie back to TGOSB and it would be wonderful.

What I didn’t love: Nothing – this is the Mary Poppins of 2017. Its practically perfect in every single way.. (Okay so Grandma is a piece of sh*t but rather entertaining since she’s not my mom)

What I learned: Growing is not only for plants – every soul could stand with some sun, water and TLC.

Overall Grade: A+

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