A Bella Flora Christmas

Available: November 7. 2017

Thank you to NetGalley.com for the opportunity to read an Advanced Reader Copy of this book in exchange for my honest opinion.

I love most of the ladies of the Ten Beach Road series but Kyra is not my favorite. I’ve always found her to be standoff-ish, guarded, and cold. Not that I side with the witch of a wife, but Kyra did have an affair with a famous married man which resulted in an adorable son – she kind of brought all of her problems on herself. That being said – I wish there was more Nikki and Avery (my favorite) but the plot on this really isn’t about them.

What I loved: Dustin is just the cutest fricken thing of all time. With his heart of gold, innocence, and adorable lisp – I would devour a whole Avery and Dustin book hands down.

What I didn’t love: This novella could have just been an edited “A Few Months Earlier” section in the next book in the series instead of something stand alone that could be read in an hour. Daniel is an ass – who does that to someone without talking first? I don’t know if I like Sydney yet – she seems a little too into herself and not sure if she will be a friend or foe.

What I learned: Let’s quote an Atlanta housewife here , “Close your legs to married men!”.

Overall Grade: B

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