A Beautiful, Terrible Thing

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Wow.. What a powerful memoir that detailed the relationship and break up from hell. I certainly spent most of the time while powering through this book thinking of old college boyfriends – at least one or two of them ticked a lot of the Marco boxes. Scary..

What I loved: I think my favorite part was Jen’s optimism and hope that there was still something there. It was very fairy-tale like for me. Given my slightly cynical nature these days, I would have gotten to that Anger phase faster than you could say hello, but I was touched (and maybe a little jealous) of Jen Waite’s open heart towards Marco as everything was hitting the fan.

What I didn’t love: Why didn’t someone, anyone realize that Jen could have also been suffering from some postpartum depression as well? And where are the financial repercussions? Child support? Alimony? What about Jen’s share of the partnership of Thirsty Owl? Were they ever bought out of the place? Is she divorced now? Can his green card get pulled? These are the things I truly wanted to know. Yes – I’m glad you’re mental health is a-ok but I really want to know if the d-bag took a financial hit for the pain.

What I learned: I have the absolute greatest husband in the world, except when he is watching UCLA football.

Overall Grade: B-

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