Best Day Ever

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It’s like she found my creepy college ex-boyfriend and pushed me front and center into his life in 2017. Wow, quickly followed by OMG and ugh. Once I started the book, I had a hard time putting it down as I wanted to see when was Mia finally going to pull her head out from under a pile of dirt and see what everyone else seemed to see.

What I loved: I wish this could be required reading - so many signs, so many obvious things that can easily explained away when you’re “in love.” Now that I am so far removed from that situation, I can easily see where I was manipulated, used, and didn’t go with my instincts; not every woman is as lucky.

What I didn’t love: I think I’m going to have some mini-nightmares tonight after re-living some of those experiences but this book was so powerful, so raw, such an interesting take on the mind of a sociopath that the nightmares will be worth it.

What I learned: Any guy that repeats that he loves women probably doesn’t.

Overall Grade: A-

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