A Catered Costume Party

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Lucky #13 in the series! For the record – is Libby like 75 years old? No Fun Libby has gotten worse over the course of the series and is such a fuddy duddy. When you are married with kids then you can be a spoil sport but since you’re under 30 – no excuse. I had hoped for more Marvin and Brandon as sleuthing buddies especially scenes with Marvin and the girls’ dad – those were classic. Am I confusing this with another cozy murder series or wasn’t the Dad in a wheelchair???

What I loved: While I wished there could have been a little more set up with the costume party (you know – the title??) before the murder, it was an original ending which was almost laughable when I envisioned it in my head.

What I didn’t love: Only three recipes for things that aren’t even mentioned in the plot is very disappointing – why bother mentioned yummy treats in the book to not have the recipe in the back like previous installments. And Michelle – kick her to the curb already – please!

What I learned: Be nice to everyone/thing.

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