The Gatekeepers

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I hate YA books. I didn’t even read about teenagers when I was a teen (thank you Jackie Collins). On the other hand – I love, love, love Jen Lancaster. Major dilemma. To me, there is nothing worse than reading an entire book where there are no adults. I have a senior in high school at home; and while she has a pretty decent head on her shoulders 90% of the time (okay 80 – maybe 75, tops) I don’t want to read about her people. On the other hand – its Jen Lancaster and since this would be the 2nd book by her in just a few months (Seriously – go get Stories I’d Tell in Bars) I have to read it. So I did, and I didn’t completely hate it. And now I’m going to wash off this teen ick off of me.

What I loved: Let’s back that down to “Liked” please – Being in the different teen’s heads was interesting. I was expecting to be reading about characters that were more like The Breakfast Club stereotypes but they all seemed to be mix together into one.

What I didn’t love: So, not a fan of the slam against Arizona State – couldn’t you have used the U of Eh instead? My only wish is that I would have like to see The Gatekeepers and their efforts earlier in the story – maybe with a success story? When The Gatekeepers club is created in basically the last third of the book and it seems a little forced, rushed, and it doesn’t pay homage to the club in real life that Jen is trying to honor.

What I learned: I read a YA novel and didn’t die.

Overall Grade: B+

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