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Available: November 28, 2017

Thank you to for the opportunity to read this book through an advanced reader copy in exchange for my honest opinion.

The sixth entry into the Cherry Cola Book Club is….. dull. Now that Maura Beth isn’t fighting to save her library or get a new one built, life in Cherico, MS is rather boring. Even though this installment is about wonderful, adorable pregnancies and babies, you can tell it was written by a man. A man who has never been around anyone who was ever pregnant. Even the most eagerly anticipated pregnancy will have its moments where the mother-to-be cries her eyes out over a piece of clothing that no longer fits, ankles that are horribly swollen, and moments of both self-doubt and absolute terror. Or maybe that was just me.

What I loved: Its nice to see Twinkle and Parker have a larger role in the book, but Twinkle doesn’t seem like the Twink of previous stories. It’s like her personality has disappeared. While she does go through some rather difficult times in the novel (her momma sounds like a real piece of work); she just doesn’t seem like herself. My favorite part had to be all of the favorite recipes in the back from the entire series – all of that amazing Southern food is just waiting to be made in my kitchen (but hopefully not by me if its meant to be edible.)

What I didn’t love: Hmmmmm – where do I begin? Do I start with how General Anesthesia C-sections are rare nowadays? Or the fact that Jeremy is one of the most annoying characters ever written? Seriously – there’s already a “Fatherhood for Dummies” book out there – google it. Or is the final thing that so many of the other well-loved characters from previous books barely get a passing mention in this one? I’ll probably have to go with Jeremy – maybe he’ll grow a spine and some other things by the time the next book is written.

What I learned: I guess all pregnancies are practically perfect in so many ways in Cherico.

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