Faking Friends

Available: January 11, 2018

Thank you to NetGalley.com and the publisher for an Advanced Reader Copy of this book in exchange for my honest thoughts and opinions.

I think I was the last one on earth to know that Jane Fallon is the better half to Ricky Gervais. I’m going to crawl back under the rock I’ve clearly been under but can I take this book with me to read again? I felt an instant kinship with this book – been there, definitely had that happen. My on and off high school love neglected to tell me that he moved in with my best friend (and both claimed they absolutely hated the other) when I went off to college. I never had the guts (or ability – it was 1989 people) to pull off some of the stunts of Amy & Kat but I did end up screaming at him for about 3 hours in a small bathroom and then cut both out of my life and never looked back.

What I loved: I love how calm Amy is during this who thing. She plays an excellent long game and needs to be amply rewarded for her efforts. Of course some will say that she shouldn’t have done the things she did against Jack & Melissa – that’s not being nice, that’s not empowering women, blah blah blah. Let me know how you feel when it happens to you. In the mean time – suck it.

What I didn’t love: My only critique is that towards the end – when it goes from one character’s perspective to the next? I would have liked some Italics/font change/something to differentiate since I was totally thrown by the plot twist and had to re-read a few sentences more than once.

What I learned: Girl code – some people need refresher courses.

Overall Grade: B+

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