Hardcore Twenty Four

Again - another lazy review (Its my birthday tomorrow and then Thanksgiving.. I really shouldn't be sitting on my butt reading but I've got priorities!)

In my mind, Stephanie Plum is Debi Mazar. Who cares that she's moved onto cooking with her hunky Italian hubby (Joe???) she will always be Stephanie to me. (Seriously WTF were they thinking in casting Katherine Heigel? But I digress).

While on one hand, the books are predictable (Stephanie blows up cars, has to have Ranger save her, feeds Rex and gets Grandma out of trouble), but on the other, the stuff is still amusing. Maybe its because of the actors I've attached to the various roles in my head) but I can still smirk to myself while reading. The zombie plot is a nice current nod to today's pop culture.

Is it deep literature? Does it take longer than a day to read the book with its super wide margins and larger than normal font? That's a big negative Ghost Rider, but if its enough to amuse me for a few hours and keep me out of trouble then I'm all for it.

Grade: C+

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