How To Change a Life

Crazy with the holidays so not a full review here BUT... - I always feel I gain a few pounds reading Stacey Ballis' books. Her characters are usually chefs who make/talk/eat the most delicious foods and I feel the need to much right along although I'm usually pretzels dipped in sour cream and Nacho Cheese Doritos with whipped cream cheese (don't mock until you try it). - I love the pattern of her books as there are usually strong parental figures, an amazingly cute rescue dog, and some people I want to be friends with IRL. - Usually her main character has some major fit of self doubt over over-coming an obstacle. I wish sometimes that their conflict would be with something outside of their control (an accident, job loss, etc) rather than if they think they're good enough because these characters are terrific. A+++ for the recipes and I was looking forward to making the chocolate cream pie that is a highlight in the book. WTF is a nonreactive saucepan? My Doritos and cream cheese brain doesn't compute. A- for the book and I can't wait until Summer 2018 for the next one.

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