Say No Moor

Available: January 8, 2018

Thank you to for the opportunity to read an Advanced Reader Copy of this book in exchange for my honest opinion.

I’ve loved the Passport to Peril series for a while and am always excited to read the latest edition.

What I loved: Nana’s my favorite with Jackie being a fast second. I don’t remember Nana’s grammar being as poor in this edition versus prior novels but it has been a while… Hopefully Jackie will find her calling as a chef and sit out the next tour.

What I didn’t love: Why be married if your husband has an excuse to miss almost every tour since you two tied the knot? I get it…but why not have him back at home in Iowa doing something else instead of having him with the Pope in Europe with no cell service? Would it also be possible to have the Seniors head somewhere in Asia or Africa? Eleven books into the series and no trip to Japan yet?

What I learned: Cobblestones require flat shoes.

Overall Grade: B

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