The Raspberry Danish Murder

Available: February 27, 2018

Hannah Swensen and all of Lake Eden seem to survive yet another murder, another winter, and another onslaught of new cookie recipes in the most recent installment in the series. While the overall murder plot was terrific and there’s a great cliff hanger at the end, how many times do we have to hear about everyone’s knock? Or about Mike’s appetite? Does Hannah even create recipes anymore or is Michelle going to take that all over?

What I loved: Moishe and Cuddles are the stars of each and every book and the whole bit with the programmable vacuum? Adorbs. I thought the recipes were out of this world but I missed Lisa & Herb and just not enough Andrea..

What I didn’t love: Icky Ross is still a topic in these books and probably will be for a few more to come. Yuck… Isn’t it time for Michelle to finally graduate college? She’s been in college since like book 2 of the series and unless she’s going for her Ph D. I think its time to have her move on. Of course she can settle down, live with Hannah, work at The Cookie Jar and never marry Lonnie, but its time she joined the real world where she was paid for her work and paid for things like gas, insurance, rent….

What I learned: Minnesota car dealers arrange for insurance for you too? I’m jealous.

Overall Grade: B

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