Why Mummy Drinks

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The title alone should be enough incentive to read this book. Diary/Email styled books are my favorites – except I never know when to stop reading. Ellen is all of us – frustrated with their mate, their kids, in-laws, work, money…..life. Plus she’s hysterical and pretty snarky to boot so what’s not to love?

What I loved: When Ellen and Katie have their come to Jesus moment towards the end – that is the original MeToo movement that all moms out there could get behind. Screw the perfect picture posts on social media – when will everyone realize that only showing the good makes it such a higher pedestal to come down from?

What I didn’t love: I wish there was more of the kids. Jane sounds perfectly sinister in an evil sidekick kind of way and I would have loved to see more of her.

What I learned: I need that game to be a real app.

Overall Grade: B+

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