How to Save a Life

My non-existent allergies started up on page 1 of this book and I was in the midst of full attack as I was nearing the end. I’m kind of grateful that the dog picked THAT exact moment to throw up all over my white comforter. I was able to walk away from the tale, regain my composure after the “attack”, and finish the novella without much more than a sniffle (okay it was full blown snot running and sobbing.. I’m secretly a softy).

What I loved: The idea ---Groundhog’s Day (it just dawned on me – look when I’m posting this!) for the dying as a chance to get it right and then a chance to do it all again before finally saying goodbye.

What I didn’t love: I was trying to see the story from the point of view of the people not given the gift – was it like a déjà vu? The never ending day? Like the repeated sound when a record skips? Thinking about that is what probably what led to my allergies kicking up..

What I learned: Any day could be the last today.

Overall Grade: A-

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