How To Walk Away

Available: May 15, 2018

Thank you to the publisher and for providing me with a digital ARC in exchange for my honest opinion.

You know how you sometimes purchase books by the authors you know are going to be good without even reading the back cover? This was one of them – and when I started reading it I was like Oh Em Ghee, where did this come from? About 7-8 years ago, our good friends’ son woke up paralyzed from the waist down and reading this was remembering all that he and they had to endure – not only the OT and the PT, the changes to the home, cars, but the emotional adjustments for all. Its been a tough journey..

I think this book has potential to be my 2018 Book of the Year – or at least in the top 5. The feeling I had when I finished the book – if only I could bottle it..

What I loved: This was a romance, without being a romance novel. My favorite part was the Epilogue – not because I knew the book was coming to an end or everything was wrapped up neatly – but the confidence, and happiness that was in Margaret’s point of view made me smile. She was content.

What I didn’t love: My eyes usually glaze over when faced with graphically “icky” passages and I usually skip over the medical terms and procedures so of course that will be my least favorite part of the book.

What I learned: Perfect on paper doesn’t always translate to perfect in real life.

Overall Grade: A

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