The Cactus

Available: May 1, 2018

Thank you to for the opportunity to read an Advanced Reader Copy of this book in exchange for my honest opinion.

I think I may have found my literary twin in Susan..not everything is the exact same but I truly enjoyed her character – more importatnly, I truly understood her. I could go on and on – but then I would be giving away too much of the book. So for now, our eyes will meet across a crowded room and I’ll nod and smile in acknowledgement – “I get you.”

What I loved: I’ve got love for days for an independent woman. The tough balance is being an independent woman (financially, thinking for yourself, standing up for yourself, etc) but not being a loner. While Susan struggles with the balance throughout most of the book – in the end she realizes that you don’t have to lose yourself when you let others in.

What I didn’t love: Even after a beautiful ending – do I still dislike Edward? Of course and I still think he was a sneaky pete son of an unwed mother.. Do I think Richard is a mama’s boy? Definitely. Do I care? Not at all.

What I learned: Everyone needs to be soaked in order to bloom.

Overall Grade: B+

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