A Nantucket Wedding

Available: April 3, 2018

Thank you to NetGalley.com for the opportunity to read an Advanced Reader Copy of this book in exchange for my honest opinion.

Always a given for a spring beach read, Nancy Thayer swings and misses on this one. The plot has too many large holes that get a quick patch without true resolution – then why mention them in the first place (like Heather and her support dogs – the reason for them is never mentioned, so why even have it), Alison’s daughters seem to begin to treat this Nantucket beach house like its their own well before the wedding – I am totally #TeamPoppy when she brings up concerns about money prior to the wedding.

What I loved: It was a treat to not have the entire book based on the Island and I am very thankful for the usual restaurants and bars NOT to be mentioned . I’ve read all of your books. I know where people eat, shop, drink and go on Nantucket without every having to be there. But it was nice to see all 4 women join forces to be catty against newcomer Esmerelda..

What I didn’t love: Where to begin? The men in the book are all kind of major jerks: David is a little controlling; Steve is close minded to the point of stubbornness; Noah is a hipster douchebag, and Ethan – there are no words to describe him. Poppy’s husband is pretty much unmentionable since he barely gets a mention in the book. The women are really no better – Jane being hypocritical; Felicity is just fricken clueless (seriously – you won’t bring $2400 a month to the table – there are things like taxes, social security.. she is a half-wit); Poppy is a petulant spoiled brat who has a crappy attitude towards work, although she gets a pass from the hormones; and Alison - well I see where Felicity gets her cluelessness from. Alison is so passive in her own life and just lets everything happen – seriously - how about you take an active role in your wedding and then tell Esmerelda to cut the crap about the head flower girl.

What I learned: Maybe its time for a new summer destination

Overall Grade: C

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