The Wife

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The timing of this book could not be more in line with what has been happening in society today. Every where you go, there are people being accused rape, assult and other charges. Many, if not most, of the charges are true but not all of them. It’s a tough situation for all involved and I think Ms. Burke does an excellent job of showing all sides – sometimes it is a horrible situation and sometimes too much can be reach in to the events.

What I loved: Outside of the huge curve ball that hits about 3 chapters from the end (Side note – I had to go to a dinner party at that exact moment momentum had hit the top– I just kept thinking of the book…), I also loved Angela’s relationship with Spencer. He wasn’t at the stage of teenagering yet where all parents are idiots and a-holes; they actually had conversations with each other… I miss those.

What I didn’t love: Jason’s sheer arrogance of himself, his situation, his life was very annoying - he flew too close to the sun many, many times and was finally getting what he may have deserved. I know too many men like that in real life.

What I learned: Your instinct to survive is stronger than you think.

Overall Grade: A-

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