Just In Time

Available: March 14, 2018

Marie Bostwick goes back to her crafting/quilting roots and writes another beautiful story. Nan, Monica and Grace are all wonderful, deep characters who could easily have a spin-off novel. I cannot wait for her to explore Grace's quilting support group - as long as Nan and Monica make an appearance.

What I loved: I think the two things that stuck with me most through this novel were Alex's change as he matured and removed the anger towards Monica once he finally had a mentor in his life. It doesn't sound like his father was a great role model and to see him change what beautiful - there's hope for the teenagers! I was also touched by how Grace struck up a friendship with Sunny - she didn't see Sunny as another annoying, strung out homeless person but showed her that someone still could care.

What I didn't love: It was a little predictable but you still rooted for the characters to come together and fall in love.

What I learned: I need more dogs in my life!

Overall Grade: B+

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