Island Life Sentence

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Thank you to for the opportunity to read an Advanced Reader Copy of this book in exchange for my honest opinion.

While a cute little novella about a woman and her dog adjusting to life in the Florida Keys, its no love letter to the tourism board. Let’s see…based on the bugs, humidity, hurricanes, parking issues, rampant manatees, and assorted haints – its not a love letter to the region but it is a cute, quick read which qualifies it as Tropical Fluff!

What I loved: The haints were actually my favorite characters in the book. Their insights/Peg’s delirium were on point, honest, and hysterical. My favorite part (I actually laughed out loud) is when Shel Silverstein visits Peg’s home because he saw a light in the attic. C’mon people – Shel Silverstein. A Light in the Attic. Its funny.

What I didn’t love: I don’t care for how Clark takes advantage of Peg’s head for numbers/facts/contracts by getting her drunk and making her sign contracts that she feels morally obligated to uphold. At only 183 pages, I would have also loved to have seen more of Peg tutoring the high schoolers in Finance – maybe paving the way for her for a new career transition.

What I learned: Since I don’t like seafood, this may not be the place for me.

Overall Grade: B

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