The Glitch

Available: May 22, 2018

Thank you to for the opportunity to read an Advanced Reader Copy of this book in exchange for my honest opinion.

I was so sure that The Glitch was going to be one of my top reads for Summer 2018 – it has a strong woman in a position of authority and power, life in Silicon Valley, a balance between work, love and motherhood AND you get to meet yourself from the past? I thought I was going to be in HEAVEN! I would love to meet my former, college self and try and give a little advise to steer myself into a better place without changing who I am.

Uh……… This is not that book. While I admit that I gave up at the 50% mark, I did it for a good reason. Shelly is not a wife/mother/boss – she’s a robot. When I was first starting the book, I thought, okay – Shelly is going to be a little quirky like the heroines of “The Cactus” or “Eleanor Oliphany is Completely Fine”, but no such luck. Fifty percent of the way in and I still have no clue as to what a Conch is. Is it like Google Glass? A Fitbit? More like something to try and take over the world.

Maybe my expectation was off – I was expecting parenting fluff and was getting a little too much Sci fi/tech for my liking. And while I didn’t finish, I can only hope that Shelly spends more time with Michelle and goes back to the person she was before the accident.

What I loved: Shelly is from Marathon County, WI – my dad’s entire side is born/raised/still based in Wausau so I can relate to the cheese curds, beer, and Midwest references.

What I didn’t love: Shelly is such an unlikable character – there’s nothing to connect with as she has no feelings or thoughts that are not work related. You almost begin to secretly wish she will fail in order for something to maybe change.

What I learned: Don’t drink beer out of a can. Oh wait - I already knew.

Overall Grade: C-

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