California Summer

Available: June 19, 2018

Thank you to for the opportunity to read an Advanced Reader Copy of this book in exchange for my honest opinion.

Montecito is a magical place in California where building permits, lease agreements, and health inspections can all be completed within 30 days. That’s what makes it the ideal place to lick your wounds after a broken heart and reinvent yourself. Seriously though – I am so excited that Ms. Hughes has returned Stateside with a book in California. Inch by Inch, mile by mile she’s slowly coming down to Orange County where I always hope the next book is based.

What I loved: While still in a breathtaking location like previous books..this heroine doesn’t seem to be as wealthy, or accustomed to expensive things as the ones before. While still not as flawed as I would love her to be – Rosie is way down to earth and very likable. She gives off a vibe that she is still trying to find her own way in life too – with a peanut butter sandwich in hand.

What I didn’t love: I think this book is an older story that has been finally released. There’s nothing wrong with that at all – but if that’s going to happen then it should be re-read prior to print and outdated references should be removed. Unfortunately, there is no mention of the devastating fires and floods that ripped through Southern California in October 2017. Matt Lauer on the Today Show? Woody Allen still as a revered Hollywood director? Really touchy topics that scream dated.

What I learned: I’m not a fish taco girl – but I will be trying that guacamole recipe!

Overall Grade: B

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