Best beach Ever

Available: May 22, 2018

Thank you to for the opportunity to read an Advanced Reader Copy of this book in exchange for my honest opinion.

#6 in the series (are we counting the novella?) and I still look forward to these books. I probably relate most to Maddie but Avery is my favorite. I think its because every time I read these books I get an insane craving for the Laura Scudder’s puffy cheese things of my childhood in the royal blue bag (and no, Puffy Cheetohs will not do). It was wonderful to see Bitsy grow as a person and to see Nicole realize that motherhood doesn’t always come natural and those who may not be the best mothers while their offspring are young, may hit their strides in the turbulent teen years instead.

What I loved: Finally – things are moving for these ladies! I felt that books 4, 5 ,and the Novella were just treading water but there are actual plot closures in the book. Yippee!!! And then there are like 6 more potential plots that could lead to books 7-10 but if the series ended with 6 – I would have the closure I always like to have with books.

What I didn’t love: I wish Maddie would let the ladies be a little sarcastic, angry and even mean when stating their good things. Not every good thing has to be unicorn farts with sparkly rainbows with birds chirping everywhere. Sometimes the good thing is the little sliver of silver in that dark, nasty rain cloud that’s been following you everywhere.

What I learned: Can I get a Luvie for my 18 year old?

Overall Grade: B

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