Girls’ Night Out

Available: July 24. 2018

Thank you to for the opportunity to read an Advanced Reader Copy of this book in exchange for my honest opinion.

As these amazing authors (I love everything they’ve done – please re-release The D Word – I haven’t read it and cannot find a used copy!!) branch out into different genres, I am compelled to follow them wherever they go because I lovelovelove their books and I am envious of their friendship and working relationship. And while their journey is a little on the dark side, I am still loving these books. First they excelled at Fluffy Chick Lit and now it seems the’re making the Dramatical Suspense (is that a genre?) wheelhouse their own.

What I loved: The pace, the different perspectives, different headspaces and back and forth of the timeline - I wanted to know everything, all of the events, what was said, how did this happen as quickly as I could so I devoured the book.

What I didn’t love: Each of these women could be wonderful, adorable people. Together – they are so very, very toxic and unlikable that it was had to dredge empathy for any of them – Natalie is the meek brains of the friendship, Ashley is the sparkling unicorn they all want to be, and Lauren is the victim who is rebelling against her own freedom.

What I learned: Three is forever a crowd.

Overall Grade: B+

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