Five Unforgivable Things

Perhaps I'm daft - perhaps I am reading way too quickly that maybe I'm skimming over the parts that have to do with the tag line on the cover that "she wanted to make a family, not break one," but what I'm getting out of this book are Three Unforgivable Things - and they weren't done by Kate but rather Dan.

The chapters that focus on the children in present day would have been enough to be a typical chick lit book - the tale of 4 brothers and sisters finding their love and path somewhere in London. Every chapter but the last from Kate's point of view are so bitter, so angry, so resentful that its hard to read. In the first sibling's POV chapter they make their Mum sound like a hippy-dippy free love woman trying to find herself out on a communal retreat - nothing like Kate of her chapters.

While there may be some forgiveness at the end.- I'm not sure if its out of pity, guilt or love.. I was just so fricken happy the book came to an end.

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