Sugar Street

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As someone who is a sucker for a Southern book - I adore all of MJ Pullen's books and am super geeked up for her latest series, Sugar Street.. Its light, fluffy,

While the plot is a little out there (who has time to play tennis???), I was drawn to characters of Jess (who reminds me most of myself) and Delia (who seems like a skinny Susanna Sugarbaker). Carras - she's a little distant and cool right now - I'm hoping to get to know her more in future books. Maizy - I'm not 100% sure about her yet. She has a heart of gold but doesn't seem to love herself enough. I think she needs to dump the Swede (Or Finn/Norwegian/ Scandinavian Soul Wretcher) and embrace who she is - I think she would be pleasantly surprised.

The only think that could have made this better would have been some recipes for Maizy's baked goods, but luckily I'm not a fan of cherry chocolate chip cookies!

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