Die Me A River

Thank you to NetGalley.com for an Advanced Reader Copy of this book in exchange for my thoughts.

I just had my first visit to Illinois this past weekend and reading this on the plane ride to Midway was ideal. Although we never made it past the Western Chicago suburbs we also spent enough time in Indiana where my daughter's college is located for me to fully visualize Scumble River. I've read this entire series and never truly understood the rural, Midwestern life - now that I've seen it I can completely understand why one character's wife demanded liquor, flowers and chocolate but I'm now addicted to Albanese!

What I loved: The Scumble River-ites are characters and you always have to have the obligatory Dozier clan scene in one of her books. Skye needs to find another sidekick like the high school students who ran the school paper - Her librarian buddy will turn everything that happens into fodder for her next book and everyone else either has small children too, is already in law enforcement (no fun for solving murders) or dated Skye.

What I didn't love: I still don't understand why the change in title structure and starting the series over with new numbers...Skye hasn't recently left so why welcome her back? Enough with the weight issues as well..The constant weight mentioning has been annoying in all of the books but even more so in this tale since Skye just gave birth to twins. In my mind she's Kate Upton-esque but the way she continually mentions her weight I'm beginning to change my vision of her to something bigger (Mama June pre-surgery maybe?)

Overall Grade: B

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