The Silver Anniversary Murder

25 books in a series is quite an accomplishment.. Unfortunately, this latest installment of the Lucy Stone cozy murder mysteries seems to have gone off the rails. I love Lucy - really I do! I love all about her life in Tinker's Cove, her friends, grumpy Ted at the newspaper, everything but almost everything about this book rubbed me the wrong way..

From a shaky plot line at best to an unbelievable ending, the book felt odd from the beginning. It seems like it should have been more about life in Tinker's Cove instead of NYC (or have all of the unlikable people in Maine already been killed off?) Without giving away some plot twists, the fact that Lucy turns down therapy really irked me especially because she could see the lasting aftereffects. In fact - there are passages in the book where Lucy claims she is more laid back (I believe the exact phrasing was less priggish) than she was from 25 years ago - based on her thoughts heaven help us for how she used to be!

Maybe its time for a divorce...

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