The Dinner Party

My second book my Tracy Bloom - and I really enjoy her writing style. I am addicted to my Brit Lit - while I love and adore the glitz and glam of a snogfest by Nigel May, Katie Price and Jackie Collins - I also enjoy reading about the everyday British life as well.

Chris was my favorite character - simply because he was so simple yet his words at the end to Beth were so profound. They brought tears to my eyes because I would love to hear those things said to me. In my life, I've been a bored Sarah, frustrated Beth and even a bratty Marie. While Marie is a grade A bee-yatch, she's the perfect foil to Beth and I love how Beth gives it to her with her blunt words.

The Pringles across the pond must be industrial strength to be able to scrape through a dip - ours are a flimsy, break when you breathe on them, and can barely survive life in a protective can much less in a strong sour cream based dip. Ruffles are just better for that - and they have ridges.

Could we please get some of those really good sounding recipes in the print edition???

Overall Grade - B

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