The Very Principled Maggie Mayfield

Available: October 23, 2018

I loved past Kathy Cooperman books and her latest is just adorable as well. Now that my only is off at college, reading this took me back to the elementary school right down the street and the fundraising, alpha moms, blatant requests for money, tiger moms, and constant requests for donations.

I really don't miss those days.

But this book .....its so fricken funny. I love Diane. I love Maggie. I love Lars, Since I really can't get a sequel, is it too much to ask for a prequel of Diane's life? I laughed and snickered out loud while reading multiple times as I grew to completely understand Maggie - except for her total and complete naivete about the world of business.

Predictable in some parts... random characters in other (the gym teacher and his Judge wife? Rachael and Lucy's friendship?) but a fun fluffy school time read.

Overall Grade: B

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