The Adults

Available: November 27, 2018

Oh to be so grateful that my child is old enough that I will never need to "co-parent". My hat is off to those that are able to, but I know that I would not be able to hold my snarky tongue to spend time with my ex and his new love. I admit it...I'm petty like that,

Claire and Alex - they are my favorites. Matt is too - gosh I don;'t even know how to describe him but even hearing him speak in my head gives me the willies. He is too lackadaisical, too unstructured, too go with the flow for me, even as a fictional character. If he was my husband he would have been kicked to the curb so long ago. However, he is the perfect foil for scientist Alex and he seems to balance her out.

Patrick... I would have loved more of his back story with Lindsay. There is definitely more to his story.

Overall - The Adults was a smart, charming holiday story and I am very thankful for the eARC from


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