Hooks Can Be Deceiving

The you to the publisher and to NetGalley.com for an eARC copy of this book in exchange for my honest opinion.

The Tarzana Hookers are back in yet another cozy crochet mystery.. Adele is still ....crazy Adele and the rest of the hookers seem to fade in the background in the latest tale. Its primarily the Molly/Mason/Ross show and I anticipate this dragging out for a few more books (#TeamMason). I love all of the animals, the bookstore regulars, the distractions in the book, and I love that I haven't figured out one of her mysteries before the end yet.

What I loved: Shout out to my fellow lefties out there and how hard it is to learn crafts taught to us by right handed people. Thank you for the nod about left handers and how we seem to do things backwards.. I wish I could find a class on how to knit or crochet as a leftie but since I haven't yet I'm glad I needlepoint.

What I didn't love: Some parts to Molly's life are as repetitive as our real lives but I don't need it every chapter that the son is not home, lights weren't on, dogs not fed.. that's life with a grown kid!

Overall Grade: B

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