Crazy Busy Guilty

While I admit, I'm older than the target reader (my kid's 19!) I still am a sucker for books with newborns and the struggle with being a mom - I remember these days like they were yesterday. The struggle of balancing being a mom with a full time job - its so real and everyone's story deserved to be heard.

George is adorable, if not a little pigheaded and determined to do so much on her own. I'm glad she pulls her head out towards the end and creates the village she needs to stay sane. I would have loved to see a little more of the romance aspect of the book than just recap at the end...

And shout out to the Wiggles - I'm glad to know they're still an Australian institution!! My daughter was in LOVE with them - and Anthony was pretty hot when she was 3...but my favorite was Captain Feathersword - is he still around?????

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